LEGOLAND Update: New Construction Projects (PART 2)

Welcome to part 2 of our newest LEGOLAND Florida construction-update. Remember to take a look at PART 1 of this photo-report before proceeding.
In the previous part, we walked around the park's entrance area (which includes the new onsite hotel) and then we visited The Beginning, Fun Town, and Miniland U.S.A. We will now continue our tour of the park and check out the Cypress Gardens area, LEGO City, the Land of Adventure, and more:

Time to take a look around the Cypress Gardens:

Waves on the lake:

Due to the wind, a section of the gardens was closed:

It was definitely flooded:

Walking around the gardens:

The current condition of the former French Garden:

Moving on:

What a majestic tree, isn't it?:

The new LEGOLAND Hotel is barely visible from the Cypress Gardens area:

Another area closed due to high water levels:

The beautiful Florida pool:

Going back to the Imagination area:

A solar-powered building:

New (and temporary-looking) Guest Services at the entrance of LEGO City:

It also features the new I-Drive 360 attractions:

The Rescue Academy is still in rough shape:

The radio-controlled mini trucks have been removed from this area:

Something new is being built in its place:

It's going to be a medium-sized building:

More new seating areas:

Something new is also being built right in front of the Flying School:

We believe it will be a new store:

Behind the walls: