Universal Studios Update: Remodeling the Villas (PART 1)

Most of our Readers will surely not be surprised to hear that more projects are currently going on around the Universal Orlando Resort. While our eyes are mostly focused on Islands of Adventure and its major new attraction that is expected to open early next year, some work is quietly taking place at the edge of the Hollywood themed section of Universal Studios Florida.
Come along with us, and take a quick look around this amazing theme park:

Yesterday was truly a gorgeous day. Warm temperatures, a completely clear sky... Nice indeed!:

Not much is happening around Production Central. At least not yet:


Beautiful new flowers have been planted in pots located along Hollywood Blvd. Spring is almost here, and most of the area's theme parks are getting to ready to welcome it with wonderful plants:

Let's take a look inside the Schwab's Pharmacy:

We are not entirely sure about the timeline, but it looks like new screens were recently (?) installed behind the counter, showing the entire menu available at the location (including ice cream and coffee).

We have noticed this roped-off bench during many of our visits. We have finally realized that it might be reserved for VIPs or special Guests that may use it to enjoy Universal's Superstar Parade:

The new "Hollywood" backdrop doesn't appear to be very popular:

Doc was just coming out of his lab to meet Guests:

Moving along:

Work continues inside and around the Garden of Allah Villas area:

Thanks to this wheelchair ramp, we were able to take a few shots behind the walls:

As you can see, a big section of the concrete pathway surrounding the area has been completely removed, as well as the beautiful grass and plants that used to embellish this small corner of the park:

Work is also being done on the buildings themselves:

Walking around the area, we noticed that a new, long pipe has been installed, which connects two of the existing buildings. Sadly, we do not have any idea about what it may be used for:

A closer look:

As you can see, this new pipe actually goes far inside the buildings:


  1. The pipes are for fire sprinklers

  2. Yep, I agree fire sprinklers. We had the same type pipes installed at our work recently.

  3. The roped off bench is for the Family of the Day that is chosen for the Superstar Parade.

  4. Red fittings with steel pipe is definitely fire sprinkler.

  5. I was there on Friday and was invited to the preview center in The Dark Room in Hollywood. They advised me that they are only in the Dark Room until construction is finished on the new preview center in the Garden of Allah. They advised me the new preview center would be "huge" and have the room for a lot more guests


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