Sorcerer's Hat Demolition Update (February 8, 2015)

The glorious view of the Chinese Theater is slowly coming back. Disney's Hollywood Studios will soon become a much more enjoyable theme park, and the removal of the Sorcerer's Hat icon is just the beginning of a rumored expansion project that might be similar in scale to the major overhaul that Disney California Adventure received a few years ago. While we are waiting for that project to start, let's see what is the status of the demolition of the hat:

Walking down Hollywood Blvd.:

As you can see, only the base of the hat remains (note the fact that the top of the hat has been moved):

What a sight!:

Plenty of parts still need to be removed:

The left ear:

The back of the hat:

The rear of the ear:

Bonus view of the hat-less hub, from the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show arena:

The only thing that can still be seen from the top of the amphitheater is the left ear:


And that is all for now. Thank you for following us, and see you again real soon!


  1. Wow, you can finally see the Grauman's Chinese Theatre. What a beautiful sight. Finally. Last I saw it, I was a child.

  2. And everyone called it a stupid hat.

    When actually it's stupidly complex stupid hat.

  3. The theater looks like it needs some attention next.

  4. You made a typo in the headline. It's 2015, not 3015! Lol but still, kudos to your pics!

  5. @Gabriel: What?! You don't know that we have a time machine? These are really photos from 3015, because the hat will be back in about a thousand years...

    In all seriousness, thanks for letting us know about the typo! ;-)

  6. Just looking at pics of when it was constructioned in 2001 and the way it went up is the same way they are Deconstruction it. So they could be planning on reusing the hat again or parts of it. Great update as always

  7. Finally, the true icon of the park can return....

    The EARful Tower!

  8. I miss the hat allready

  9. This will be the first time I have seen the park without the hat. Too bad I have to wait until January.


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