Sorcerer's Hat Demolition Update (Jan. 29, 2015)

Our Photo-Reporter Alex visited Disney's Hollywood Studios just a few days ago to check on the progress that has been done in the park's hub. As you will see, the deconstruction of the Sorcerer's Hat is moving at a fairly fast pace, leaving only a small section to be taken down. Even though these photos were taken this past Thursday, the current look of the hat is very similar, as very little has been done in the past two days. We hope you'll enjoy the views...

The beautiful Chinese Theater is peeking above the remains of the hat. What a sight!:

As of today (Feb. 1, 2015), the front section of the hat's blue base has been removed:

The left ear is being dismantled:


Walls will be up for a while, no doubt:

A closer look at the left ear:

The hand is completely gone:

A shot of the side of the hat:

The view from the courtyard of the Chinese Theater:

So, Willie A. must be one of those involved with this infamous icon, huh? ;-)

The inside of the hat:

The top is still standing next to what's left of the hat:

And that is all for now. Thank you for your support, and see you again real soon!

PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. Hi,
    IT makes me wonder, Will THE hat be destroyed or Will iT move to another Disney theme park, Lets say Disneyland paris for THE studio's there?
    They Will revise THE boulevard there and they could put the hat at the end,does anyone have Some news on that?
    Kind regards from ghent, Belgium

  2. I would think it is pretty weather beaten. The colour is very faded in parts. I think it saves them time just taking it apart in big pieces, put them on a large trunk, and then recycle them or trash them.

  3. It's not going to be moved anywhere else.

    If you look at some of the other demolition pictures that have been posted on other sites it's clear that not much care is being taken with the demolition, it's basically being cut apart with out the care that would be necessary to put it back together. There were also some pictures that showed a dumpster behind the wall from a local scrap company.

  4. I agree with Dan. There's no way to re-use something that is so well known for being the symbol of Hollywood Studios.

  5. They should cut it up and make pins out of it. Plenty of people would buy something that was piece of the park.

  6. They definitely are not going to reuse the hat, it has been cut apart. It is interesting that the top piece is still there though. They may retro fit that part to make a smaller sorcerers hat, who knows!


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