New "SeaWorld: 50 Years of Caring" Documentary

WKMG recently produced a one-hour special about SeaWorld and the positive impact their teams have on animals – in the parks, the local community, and the world. This extraordinary show aired on WKMG last Friday night during prime time, and was produced entirely by WKMG and Six Films. During their research, they spoke with SeaWorld Team Members, outside experts, and people in the community. As you will see in the video, SeaWorld really cares about animals.

It is clear that SeaWorld plays a crucial role in the survival and well-being of animals in our community and all over the world.The aforementioned video is now available online at

We encourage you to watch this special, which has been described as "a compelling, behind-the-scenes look at SeaWorld's animal rescue and care efforts and the team members who passionately work to make a difference." After watching it, you might find out things you didn't previously know.


  1. Amazing documentary! Great to hear about the rescues, rehabs, and releases of so many species, and all the animals whose lives SeaWorld have helped! At SeaWorld's expense, too. It was an honor to discover the personal commitment that their staff has to the animals in their parks and in the wild. -Cybill


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