As it was reported last month, new interactive elements can now be enjoyed by Guests in the indoor stand-by queue at Peter Pan’s Flight, a very popular dark ride located in the Fantasyland area of the Magic Kingdom Park. In the new interactive queue you can join Tinker Bell while she explores the room of Wendy, John, and Michael causing a bit of mischief. Tink also pulls some friendly tricks on you when your shadow hits the wall... Take a look around:

Some beautiful paintings greet us before reaching the Darling's home:

It is nighttime:

Family portraits greet us when entering the house:

A nice evening in London:

Tinker Bell now starts flying around the kid's room, causing some commotion:

Pixie dust gets scattered all around the place:

Afterwards, you will see Tinker Bell placing hats or hooks on your shadow’s heads and hands. In addition to that, Guests can play and interact with shadows of butterflies and bells:

That's Peter Pan's shadow! Don't let it escape!:

Next, Tinker Bell flies around Wendy's bed, moving objects and opening cases:

She then sprinkles you with a hint of pixie dust before you are swept off to Never Land. By the way, more cut-outs representing palm trees were recently installed right near the loading area:

Thank you for reading. CLICK HERE if you would like to see even more photos of this area (without Guests around).We also plan on posting a complete walk-through video of this new indoor queue in the very near future, so be sure to stay tuned here on OTPN! See you again real soon.

PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.

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