New Disney Stunt & Special Performance Design Dept.

The many spectacular shows at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts require highly skilled Cast Members and the employment of safety-conscious design and planning. The new Stunt & Special Performance Design department, created in December 2014, is now a key partner and global resource for Operations, Safety, and Standards and Sustainment teams on existing shows, as well as Creative and Production teams on shows in development.

Marc Summers and Eric Miranda, Stunt & Special Performance Designers, collaborated to create this successful new department. Marc and Eric worked together on a pilot program with Creative Entertainment in Florida to rigorously assess the stunt and action needs of the global Entertainment operation. 

Marc Summers has a diverse background in business and organizational management with an emphasis in safety-intensive operations, as well as experience in television, film, and live shows. He joined Disney in 2005 as a stunt manager for “Lights! Motors! Action! Extreme Stunt Show,” where he was tasked with developing and leading the safe operation of the show. 

Eric Miranda is an accomplished stunt performer and stunt coordinator with 20 years of practical experience in the industry and numerous television and film credits. He began his Disney career in 2004 as a driver and stunt manager on the opening team of “Lights! Motors! Action! Extreme Stunt Show” and was tasked with ensuring the safe operation of the show.

“We are thrilled at the creation of the Stunt and Special Performance Design Department as a new resource within the larger Technical Design organization,” said Paul Nichols, Manager, Technical Design Services, and Ted Carlsson, Executive, Technical Development and Production Resources. “After a successful 15 month pilot program the need for this resource, both on the operational and project side, was clearly validated and we are very excited that Marc and Eric are officially on board.”


  1. This is good news! Seems to me this means there's more in store even if LMA is eventually closed (Not now folks, DHS needs it as a people eater, and it's still a good show.)

  2. So now it looks like a few years for the stunt show to stick around! I do enjoy it and maybe it will keep the cars tie in and still fit that rummor of cars/pixar coming to that end of the park?


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