Islands of Adventure: River Adventure Rehab (PART 1)

Many of the themed areas of Universal's Islands of Adventure are currently receiving a lot of attention. In fact, the park is currently using the slower times of the year to refresh some of its attractions, more specifically its many water rides. Work on Bilge Rat Barges and Dudley Do-Right just recently concluded, while work begun to refresh the popular Jurassic Park River Adventure.
Come along with us and take a quick look around this amazing theme park:

Welcome to Islands of Adventure:

Some photos of the Port of Entry area:

Marvel Superhero Island will be our first stop:

Superheroes were parading in front of Guests:

Moving on:

While in the area, we started noticing that all the Dyson Airblades installed in the bathrooms throughout the entire resort are slowly being replaced by regular Xlerators hand dryers. While this could sound like a minor news, it is actually a very interesting development, as the Dyson hand dryers have been giving a lot of headaches to the Universal Orlando Resort. Also, it will definitely be expensive to replace all the hand dryers of all the bathrooms of two theme parks and CityWalk:

Here is a photo of the new hand dryers (note: all photos taken in the restrooms were taken when the location was completely empty):

Heading to Toon Lagoon:

Popeye and Olive were greeting Guests at the entrance of the area:

One of the dog statues installed on one of the fountains is currently being refurbished:

Let's now take a quick look around the completely refurbished Sweet Haven:

Wimpy's received new monitors. It looks like the location will continue to operate seasonally:

The nearby Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls was behind walls a few weeks ago: