Wilderness Lodge: Whispering Canyon Advisory (02/2015)

Due to the upcoming refurbishment of the lobby of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, Whispering Canyon Café will temporarily offer breakfast at Artist Point on February 5 and February 12, 2015. During that time, diners can still enjoy the beloved atmospheric elements of Whispering Canyon Café, including ketchup relays and "pony express" races. The full breakfast menu will be served, with the exception of pancakes. Lunch and dinner services will not be affected.


  1. What is this Wilderness Lodge lobby refurbishment? How extensive and how long is it going to be? I have a trip booked to this resort and pretty upset no one told me the lobby is under construction. I don't see any mention of this refurb online anywhere. Can you tell me any more details please?

  2. I think it can't be anything major as they will still be serving lunch and dinner in the restaurant. Maybe it could be new staff training or trying out a new breakfast menu.


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