Effective Sunday, January 25, the Team Member discount for all full service restaurants throughout Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and CityWalk will be 15% off. By creating a consistent Team Member discount program, the company is now able to include all third party full service restaurants as well, giving them more options. As a reminder the Team Member discount is for the Team Member plus up to 5 guests and does not apply to alcohol.

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Anonymous said...

Why is this being posted publicly? Please stop useing the Team Member website it's for Team Members to know things not for public knowledge..Your the ONLY site that does this no other theme park posts things like this!

Why would this be a problem, if I can ask? We would never post confidential information, and this is FAR from being confidential. By posting it here, we try to make sure that all Team Members are aware of the new discount so they can take advantage of it. Also, the Universal TM site is publicly accessible.

Anonymous said...

I'm a team member and had no idea about this. Thank you for posting!

You are very welcome, Anonymous! Thank you for following us!

Anonymous said...

So, is this more or less than before? 15% seems kind of measly.

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