New MagicBand Packaging Debuting at Walt Disney World

New packaging for retail MagicBands was recently introduced with the release of the 2015-dated graphic MagicBand. The redesigned packaging reduces waste by using significantly less paperboard and plastic. In addition to that, the artwork is now front and center, making favorite designs much easier to find. The new packaging will be phased in for existing MagicBands as the various stores across property sell through current inventory. 

Here you are pictures showing the new packaging for the MagicBands released this year and beyond:

PHOTOS: ©2015 Walt Disney World Resort. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Can you get a princess band at the resorts? This one looks amazing,

  2. Less paper is always a good thing, but seems to me this is a product that needs almost no packaging at all. Just a card explaining usage.

  3. I think it does need some packaging to protect it from guests picking them up all day.


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