The central hub area of the Magic Kingdom Park is, unsurprisingly, still surrounded by walls. More temporary barricades were installed around the area in the past few weeks, specifically in the heart of the central plaza, which includes the beautiful "Partners" statue. As you will see in the photos featured in this update, new railing have been installed and the fountains located on either side continue to take shape. Come along with us and take a look around:

Let's begin by taking a look at the west side:

Behind the walls:

Notice the new walkways taking shape:

The new "bridge":

Work also continues on the moat itself:

Looking toward Tomorrowland:

Take a look at the new black railings:

They definitely look great. The ornate appearance of these addition fits the area:

More railings will be installed in the next few days:

The east side of the hub:

The base of one of the new fountains:

Just imagine this space with countless new trees, plants, and flowers:

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