Hollywood Studios News: Hat Removal Continues (Part 1)

Not surprisingly, quite a few minor (and major) projects are currently going on inside Disney's Hollywood Studios. While the expected "major park overhaul" has definitely not started yet, we are glad to see some new additions (and removals!) making their way in the park. As you will see, work on the new Starbucks location and the removal of the Sorcerer's Hat continues, and a new "Cinderella Sneak Peek" opened to Guests. Take a look around with us:

Walking along Hollywood Blvd.:

Let's begin with a look at the future Starbucks location:

The Starbucks logo seems to have been covered up:

Walls that were previously set up behind the Starbucks building have been removed:

Citizens of Hollywood roaming around some of the streets of the park:

The demolition of the Sorcerer's Hat continues:

Such a glorious time:

The top of the hat was removed a few days ago. The hat still looks the same as of today:

Notice how dirty the hat currently looks:

A better look at the section that has been removed:

The top of the hat has been placed nearby, waiting to be discarded: