Hollywood Studios News: Hat Removal Continues (Part 2)

Welcome to PART 2 of our latest Disney's Hollywood Studios construction update. As always, be sure to read PART 1 before proceeding any further.
In the previous installment of this photo-report we took a look around Hollywood Blvd. and the park's central hub, including the infamous hat. Let's now continue to enjoy this virtual tour of the park, focusing on the other themed areas and attractions (including the new "Cinderella Sneak Peek"):

A look under the hat reveals that most of the lights have been removed:

Only a few lights remain:

Great photos adorn the temporary walls:

Some scenes of The Great Movie Ride, which now has a new sponsor (Turner Classic Movies):

Audio updates should be coming to the ride in the next few months.

Sunset Blvd.:

This part of the park is always extremely busy, while the opposite side is a ghost town:

Every Guest is a V.I.P. at Walt Disney World:

Billboards advertising the new Cinderella movie:

Nothing new to report from the former Studio Backlot Tour:

As previously mentioned, an exclusive Cinderella Sneak Peek opened in the ABC Sound Studio:

The preview is not in 3D and doesn't have any in-theater special effects. The movie looks great, though:

Time to leave the park. We shall be back soon.

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.



  1. The Tower of Terror should be the new icon for this park. It is one of the best things about it. The water tower is boring!

  2. I think to some extent the Sorcerer Hat will remain the park's icon. Fantasmic is still a park staple, you can also see Sorcerer Mickey in the Great Movie Ride, and they'll never stop selling the Hats in the gift shop.

    The Chinese Theater will again be the centerpiece of the park, the water tower has always been the logo, but I'll always think of the hat as the icon...

    Just glad to see it no longer blocking the view.

    Maybe one day we'll see a new version of it near the turnstiles or Animation Courtyard, where it makes more sense.

  3. Glad to see it come down, now hopefully we can see some new original attraction come soon!

  4. It's finally happening. I wish they would have started while I was there but at least the walls were up.

  5. The way they are taking the hat down makes it look like they plan on using it again.

  6. I can't watch the demolition anymore. It just turns my stomach inside out. My kids loved that hat and have memories connected to it. I also think the trident like forks on the Chinese theater make it look evil. Can't stand it. Hope they give it a makeover to soften up it's image.

  7. I am going to WDW on March 21st. Will the removal be completed by then?


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