Polynesian Resort Update: The Lobby Reopens (PART 1)

The major refurbishment of Disney's Polynesian Village Resort continues to progress at a very fast pace. This past week, a new milestone was reached, as the redesigned lobby of the hotel debuted. As you will see, gone is the large water feature that used to occupy almost half of the lobby area, which has been replaced by a much smaller water feature, an extensive seating area, light fixtures, plants, and more. Enjoy this latest photo-tour of the resort:

The entrance of Disney's Polynesian Village:

Some flowers were placed around the rocks that are part of an external water feature:

Welcome to the new lobby:

The refurbished check-in area, which opened earlier this month:

The new (but still incomplete) water feature:

All-new furniture:

New carpet coverings were installed on the stairs leading to the second level of the main building:

A look at the lobby from above:

New themed lights have been installed on the ceiling:


  1. Disney takes out the lush tropical waterfall feature, and replaces it with a peeing rock. LOL. Words do not describe how how bad it is.

  2. Clearly the old feature was unsustainable. It's sad, but what else were they going to do?

  3. Terrible. Whoever made this decision needs sacking, the lobby has no character to it at all, it looks like a bad airport lounge.

  4. I understand unsustainable, but that seems a little far fetched considering how long it has been there and the company we are talking about. I don't particularly mind the renovation, I do mind the lack of imagination Disney has always been known for. Lobby's are traditionally the showplace of the resort, obviously not in this case,

  5. The old feature was large and cumbersome. It was also beautiful! Unsustainable... Maybe? I think Disney is missing it's sense of imagination. A stream or a a walk through garden, similar to The Gaylord Hotel in Nashville, would have been lovely. They had the opportunity to do so much and sadly did so little. It makes me sad!


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