Just a few minutes ago, the company behind the Skyplex project released some great, new details about one of the most exciting new attractions scheduled to debut in Orlando in the next few years. We are talking about the terrifying Skyscraper, a vertical roller coaster that most of us wouldn't even be able to imagine. This 570-foot tall attraction was announced back in June 2014, and many artworks were released. Today, an incredible video was unveiled.

Here you are the first official ON-RIDE video that will show you just how out-of-this-world this experience will be. There are no words to express the terror (and excitement) we felt while watching it (Note: the video is in high-definition, so it may take a few seconds to load if you have a slow connection):

As you can see, this will be one of the tallest and longest roller coasters ever built. It will not only make use of the tower (which will also house a restaurant at the top), but will also wander around the building that will house shops, dining locales, and more. It will be quite the sight to behold. Will you ride it?

VIDEO: © Mango's/Skyscraper at Skyplex. All Rights Reserved.

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