Work on the new (and still rumored) King Kong themed land continues at Islands of Adventure at an incredibly fast pace. Construction on the attraction's main building went vertical just a few weeks ago, but they are already in the process of enclosing the building. Of course, we still expect the attraction to open in 2016, as the ride system and theming elements still have to be installed; that said, Universal never ceases to amaze us. Let's take a look around:

The crane currently being used as part of this project can be seen from across the park:

Let's take a look at the construction zone from Camp Jurassic:

Notice how the building is quickly being enclosed, as we mentioned at the beginning of this post:

Footers for the facade? Probably:

This could either be the main entrance for Guest use or for the ride vehicles to enter the building:

The rest of the area:

The building and crane tower over the Thunder Falls Terrace restaurant:

Getting closer:

A few more behind-the-wall photos, taken (as always) from Guest areas:

More footers:

Plenty of material has been delivered:

The facade is definitely going to be massive:

Leaving Jurassic Park:

The view from the entrance of Toon Lagoon:

Finally, here you are some photos of the King Kong land taken from the new Cabana Bay bridge:

And that is all for now. Make sure to check back here on Orlando Theme Park News in the future for more news and updates. As always, thank you for your support, and we hope to see you again soon!

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