It looks like Universal has done it again. While work on the new (rumored) King Kong themed area has seemingly been very slow in the past few months, Universal has sped up its construction pace, all of a sudden. While nothing other than dirt could be seen around this construction zone just last week, today we have a new, massive structure that literally "came out of nowhere." Take a look around with us, and imagine how grand this area will look in the future:

Welcome to Islands of Adventure:

One of the cranes used in the construction can be seen from many of the other lands of the park:

Have a look at the King Kong showbuilding, as seen from Toon Lagoon:

True, it is just the shell of the building itself, but it was put together really fast:

From Jurassic Park:

Some behind-the-wall photos taken from Guest areas (we will NEVER venture into Team Member-only areas or construction zones, and we also advise any who visit the theme parks to avoid doing so, as it could lead to the expulsion and even lifetime ban from the theme parks):

More concrete should be poured in this area very soon:

Notice the footers on the ground:

They are quite close to each other:

Note how tall this structure is:

It looks like some columns may be installed around the area:

A look at the construction zone from the top of Camp Jurassic:

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