In the past few weeks, the Orlando Theme Park News Team has brought you some quite important updates (we were the first to report that the newest Epcot entertainment offering would be opening on October 17 and that the Beach Club Resort will soon undergo a 20-month refurbishment), and today we have something more to share with you, which will be especially interesting to those who love Disney merchandise that... interacts with them.

In fact, the 'Made with Magic' Trade Show (backstage event, NOT open to the public) took place at Disney's Hollywood Studios on Friday, Oct. 17, and it showcased "new interactive products coming soon to Magic Kingdom Park and Disney's Hollywood Studios."

The trade show, hosted by Tracie Alt, included the presentation of the next generation of interactive products set to launch in select locations. Selling locations at Disney's Hollywood Studios will include:
  • Fantasmic!
  • Beverly Sunset/Villains in Vogue
  • Mickey's of Hollywood
  • Youse Guys Moychindise (during Spectacle of Dancing Lights)
While no further details were given out, we expect these new items to go on sale in the next few months, especially since the "Spectacle of Dancing Lights" is mentioned. Also, you can expect some of these items to be sold during the evening hours. Even though some may not be too excited about new merchandise, it is still intriguing reading about the "next generation of interactive products." Could MyMagic+ be involved in this as well? We will keep you up-to-date.

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