The Gringotts Bank is now open to all visitors that would like to open their very own account. This revolutionary attraction features one of the most immersive and detailed queue line ever seen inside a theme park. Its beautiful and lavish floors, its complex and life-like Audi-Animatronic figures, the two amazing pre-show areas... all is definitely out-of-the-ordinary, and will please even the most critical theme park fans. Let's now take a look around Gringotts together:

The area surrounding the attraction's entrance:

The entrance:

The first sight seen inside the bank to the bank:

The corridor leading outside to the extended queue line:

A snack cart is conveniently located at the entrance of the outdoor portion of the queue:

You may need something to eat and/or drink while waiting in this line, believe us:

Back inside:

These lights are magnificent:

We have these guys all around us that continue to work tirelessly while we wait:

The head of the bank. He's also the one that acknowledges us by talking directly to us:

Moving on:

Entering the vaults area:

After the vaults, we approach the offices area:

Here we see papers with moving images:

And people having important discussions behind doors:

Entering the first pre-show area, guarded by these strange beings:

This office is on of the most detailed environments we have ever seen:

So much to see:

The carts that we would be boarding (we just previewed the queue. We didn't ride the actual attraction, as the wait time was about five hours):

Time to board the elevator:

This is one of the most amazing, yet simple, pre-shows ever. The floor bounces and moves as the elevators "descends" into the caverns and vaults of the bank, and the top of the elevator shows us the exterior:

Afterwards, you encounter a set of winding stairs (not pictured). After loading, the ride begins. Following the unloading process, more stairs are encountered (elevators are available), and then there's this corridor:

The lockers area:

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