One of Universal Studios Florida's newest additions, the Hogwarts Express, includes a beautiful themed and immersive queue line that will please everyone, even those who are not easily impressed. In fact, the London side of this attraction (which links two separate theme parks) is an amazingly detailed and faithful reproduction of the actual King's Cross station located in London, England. Come with us, as we take a quick look around this gorgeous environment:

The exterior of this station:

The sign explaining the nature of this attraction (don't let that scare you. It is one of the mildest attractions ever created. If you can ride Walt Disney World's monorail, you can definitely ride this):

Wait time rarely got to this point. it's usually only a 10-minute wait, especially toward the afternoon:

The ticket scanners (You NEED a park-to-park ticket to experience this attraction):

The entrance of the queue line:

Looking from the opposite direction:

A panoramic photo of the station's queue (FULL-SIZE):

One more (FULL-SIZE):

Moving along:

Looking forward:

These switchback lead to stairs (or the elevator, for people using wheelchairs and strollers... I mean, prams):

We are going to leave out a few areas of the queue, especially since a specific part involves a special effect that is much more effective in person than through photos (we are referring to the walk through the wall):

The loading area:

Beautiful ceiling:

Time to board!:

The exit area:

Going down:

The exit area (it is located next to the entrance):

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