iSquare Mall and Hotel Coming to Orlando in Summer 2017

International Drive continues to expand at a very fast pace. In addition to the great I-Drive 360 project (expected to fully open next year), I-Shops Orlando, and the expansion of existing outlets and attractions, International Drive will welcome a new, massive 7-star hotel with a panoramic tower, a rotating restaurant, an indoor mall, and more. This new project is called "iSquare Mall & Hotel," and it is scheduled to officially open in June 2017. Here you are some renderings related to this project:

The overall look of the hotel, along with the adjacent mall (note the name I Shoppes, very similar to I-Shops):

The base of the panoramic tower:

A look around the outdoor areas of the hotel:

Some artworks depicting the possible look of the hotel rooms:

At the moment, information regarding this project seems to be scarce. The official website of  iSquare Mall + Hotel is already up, but it only features the same artworks seen above. We'll continue to keep you up-to-date.

ARTWORKS/PHOTOS: ©iSquare Mall + Hotel. A Member of BlackMINE Group. All rights reserved. 


  1. What the heck is a 7 star hotel? I believe official ratings only go up to 5 stars. Marketing aside, the hotel looks huge! Who would pay a premium price for this location? Conventions? (No way. Only a few top execs would pay for that). Vacationers? (No way. They'd stay on property at Grand Floridian, 4 Seasons, Portofino Bat,etc.) plus vacationers would expect a much better/larger pool area. I highly doubt this will ever be built in the currently proposed form. Too big. Too expensive. Wrong location.

  2. Are the hot air balloons supposed to be suggesting that this could go near Downtown Disney? This project seems almost too good to be true...

  3. Just what Orlando needs... more hotels? Even though almost nowhere is ever booked to capacity and off property, condo-sized suites are $150 in the middle of the summer?

  4. This will be an excellent project for Orlando tourism. Most of the hotels are aging and retiring from their stars.

  5. So is this gonna be a supra-regional mall to the likes of The Houston Galleria or even The Mall of America?