It has been a while since we last took a look around the Downtown Disney District. The entire area will receive a massive facelift very soon, becoming Disney Springs, so it is important that we keep up with all the projects that will soon start, as well as checking out the projects currently taking place... Let's see:

We will start by looking at the progress that has been made on the new volcano structure of the Rainforest Cafe that will soon be officially unveiled, along with a new Lava Bar:

It's looking great. They just need to hurry up...

A closer look at the volcano:

Note the beautifully-themed supports for the new Rainforest Cafe sign:

The new Lava Lounge has also already received its themed sign:

More theming!:

Yes, the exterior of the whole restaurant is looking better than ever, seriously:

There are still quite a few walls all around the area, though:

A look at the backside of the volcano (you were expecting to see the "backside of water," weren't you?):

A look at the nice photo-op on the other side of the restaurant:

Time to move onto other areas of Downtown Disney:

Some filming was being done next to one of the entrances of the World of Disney store:


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Anonymous said...

It has taken them longer to rebuild that Volcano sign than it took to build Expedition Everest! Why is this project taking so long to complete?

Anonymous said...

They want to make sure the fire effect works longer than 6 weeks. Although If that fails they can always use a strobe light.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh....a troll from WDWMagic finally appears!!!

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