Fantasyland Update: Rapunzel's Tall Tower (PART 1)

It's a tall, tall tower! Yes, Rapunzel's very own rook has officially arrived at the Magic Kingdom, and... wow! It's really tall. But you will see that yourself in a minute, so let's start this new Fantasyland update right away:

As you can see, Rapunzel's Tower stands high at the end of the pathway leading to Liberty Square:

Notice the Haunted Mansion in the background:

Getting closer to the new area:


Some over-the -wall photos of the Tangled themed area:

The view of the area from another angle:

The village is going to be something really gorgeous:

The tower seen from various angles of Liberty Square:

Hopefully these photos will help you better visualize the scale of this tower:

We are even going to include this great panoramic photo (FULL-SIZE). Notice how it looks like Rapunzel's Tower is as tall as Splash Mountain's highest point!:

Oh, since we are here we also wanted to mention that work on The Yankee Trader is almost done:

Let's completely change location. We will now jump to the courtyard behind Cinderella Castle:

Work on the Princess Fairytale Hall continues:

The Seven Dwarfs Mine store has gotten back its sign, completely refurbished:

This is very surprising, as the store will soon close once the new ride opens in late 2013:

The refurbished sign looks great, though:

The queue railings are back at the never-open Friar's Nook:


  1. So awesome! Thanks for sharing. When is the Rapunzel area slated to open?

  2. Is anyone else disapointed in the tower being seen from the NOS side of things? You see the buildings and Haunted Mansion, but then you see the tower and it does not fit. Do you think they will add more trees to hide it?

  3. The tower definitely has a lot of detail, but the forced perspective doesn't work from the front. Beast's castle was pushing it, but unless they have more up their sleeves to make it work, it just looks like a very big and detailed birdhouse to me.

  4. they need to add trees or something so its not seen from the haunted mansion...disney needs to pre think things through...

  5. Being able to see Rapunzel's tower from Liberty Square doesn't bother me all that much. I've been visiting the Magic Kingdom since 1973 and before the tower, the skyway buckets were always visible. The tower fits in far more than the skyway did. While the foliage did grow in over the years, you could still see them on the trek to and from Tomorrowland. Eventually as the new trees fill in, the tower will be more obscured.

  6. @steve2wdw
    Don't forget the Contemporary Resort. You can also see it from a few locations inside the Magic Kingdom park.

  7. Seeing Rapunzel's tower, which looks amazing by the way, from outside of Fantasyland is no different then seeing the Castle from different points in the park.
    Can't wait to get back to WDW to see all the changes!


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