New Embassy Suites Hotel Coming to Kissimmee

A brand-new hotel is coming to Kissimmee! It will be part of the Embassy Suites hotel company.
As of now, we have no info on what the hotel will look like, and if it will be a normal Embassy Suites hotel, or if it will feature theming or other special characteristics, but we do know it will open in 2012.

Anyway, we found it worth to keep you up-to-date with the construction work on this new hotel. Who knows, you may be one of the very first guests to stay there, in the near future!:

They're already working on the second floor:

See you next week! Have a great evening.

DISCLAIMER: The above logo has been modified just for news purpose, and it does not represent the real logo of the new hotel. Thanks for the attention. Original logo: ©2011 Hilton Worldwide.


  1. Anything more than "Kissimmee"? i.e, what's it near?

  2. its on 535 near between walmart and 192

  3. Kinda ironic that a hotel caught fire recently in kissimmee and they are building a new one

  4. Yes, it is located near the Medieval Times dinner show. We will give you more information on our next update!


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