BGTNation shared with us the new commercial that is airing in Orlando at this time. It is viewable on NBC (we recently saw it too!). Take a look:

What do you think? Does it make you even more excited? Some say that they exaggerated with the speed of the coaster in the video (it won't be THAT fast), but it's a marketing strategy. Don't get me wrong, it will be fast, it will be great, and it will also feature a lot of theming. We personally can't wait to see it with our own eyes later this month, just in time for its grand opening, on May 27, 2011! See you then!

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Anonymous said...

I still think I don't wanna ride a coaster that sounds like I'm hunting cheetahs! XD

Grant said...

Dear Busch Gardens, name the coaster Cheetaka and make everyone happy again.

Francisco said...

I'm excited!! I know the other name was better (at least more unique) but I'll still enjoy it. I don't care about that anymore... I'm really hoping to make it to BGT this Summer.

About the Commercial is Ok, not great but nice. I might be wrong about this but I think some people are miss judging the speed. I don't mean I think it's going to be really fast, I just think cause of the Theme and obstacles (and such) it would seem to be faster than it is. Which will be great!

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