More Downtown Disney changes (Mickey's Groove closure, Harley-Davidson move)

More new changes are coming to Downtown Disney. Take a look:

  • We continually evaluate our mix of dining, shopping and entertainment offerings in the Downtown Disney Area in an effort to meet the evolving needs of our guests.
  • As we continue to pursue ways to energize and enhance Downtown Disney, Mickey’s Groove in the Downtown Disney West Side will be closing to be re-imagined into a new experience.
  • The last day of operation for Mickey’s Groove will be April 2.
  • All of the current products offered in Mickey’s Groove are also available at other locations in the Downtown Disney Area.
  • As we are working toward the re-imagining of Pleasure Island into Hyperion Wharf, Orlando Harley-Davidson will be moving from Pleasure Island to the Downtown Disney West Side into the former LittleMissMatched and Mickey’s Groove venues.
  • Orlando Harley-Davidson has been very successful on Pleasure Island, and will be a welcome addition to the other vibrant retail, dining and entertainment offerings on the West Side.
  • The new Orlando Harley-Davidson location on the Downtown Disney West Side is planned to open in July.
We're looking forward to see Hyperion Wharf completed, and we are sure that Disney will do a great job, as usual. See you in 2012, then!

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