Magic Kingdom update (10/28/2010)

Here yo are a new general update on the magic Kingdom!:

Work continue along Main Street U.S.A.:

The big "C" is still missing from the front:

The Casey's statues have returned, and they look great!!:

Some fireworks during the day:

This is always empty:

The video games are covered during the day and uncovered during the evening:

I like the previous speech of Buzz better:

The cool scanner is still under refurb:

The "Thirst Ranger" writing has been covered:

Work on the windmill of Tom Sawyer's Island:

The next-generation queue:

El Pirata y el Perico:

The new Tangled play and greet:

At night is even nicer:

Thank you very much for viewing!!


  1. Love the photos of Tangled at night. Keep up the great work.

  2. Very Nice Picture!!! Next time you can take some shot of the Alien Piano Player at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café (if I don't say wrong) in tomorrowland!!! It's absolutely funny!!!


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