Legoland Florida news!

Today there are some news regarding Legoland Florida!
First of all, they've updated their OFFICIAL SITE, where now you can check out the park map, as shown below (click on it to view it completely):

Photo copyright of Legoland Florida, and courtesy of mebweb, a park forum member.

I am so happy that they've released it!!!! There are almost all of my favorite attractions, like the "Dragon coaster", the "Safari", The Lost Kingdom", the "Driving school", "Miniland", etc. along with some bonuses, just for the Florida park (that will be, by the way, the World's BIGGEST Legoland): The Coastersaurus (wooden coaster), a suspended coaster, the "Flying Island", a Pirate-themed ski show, the botanical gardens, the conservatory (with the butterflies and tropical plants) and more!!!
The only disappointing thing is that there are some rides that are missing, and that were very important to me, like the "Pirate-themed splash battle", the "Adventurers' Club" and Fairy Tale Brook".
I really hope they will be added in the future. But I am almost 100% sure they eventually will.

But, what did they add more in their website?

You can now buy tickets for Legoland in advance!
The cost? Here you are (TO BUY THE TICKETS, GO HERE):


Purchase your 1-day admission to Central Floridas Newest Theme park.

Exclusive Preview Pricing: 
Adult (13-59): $65 plus tax
Child (3-12) / Senior (60+): $55 plus tax 


Purchase your LEGOLAND ANNUAL PASS and receive 2011 for Free!. Buy your pass today and you will receive the fall of 2011 in addition to your year membership in 2012!


Annual Pass benefits include: 
Unlimited admission to Legoland Florida for fall 2011 and 2012 
Special discounts and invitations to events
LEGOLAND newsletter

Annual Pass prices:
Adult: $99 plus tax
Child/Seniors: $99 plus tax


(The offer to receive the fall of 2011 in addition to your year membership in 2012 still applies)

Pass benefits include:
Free parking 
Unlimited admission to Legoland Florida for fall 2011 and 2012
Special discounts and invitations to events
LEGOLAND newsletter
Dining and retail discounts

Membership prices:
Adult: $159 plus tax
Child: $129 plus tax


Free PREFERRED parking 
Unlimited admission to Legoland Florida for LIFE
Special discounts and invitations to events 
LEGOLAND newsletter
Dining and retail discounts
Exclusive Model Builder session

Membership prices:
Adult / Child: $2500 plus tax

Well, the prices are not bad. I will certainly buy an Annual Pass (probably the Plus Pass, because paying the parking every time would be crazy). I can't wait for Legoland to open. It will be a great place for the whole family. What about you? Have you ever visited a Legoland theme park around the world?
Share your opinions and thoughts with us if you want!


  1. Hi at OTPN.

    Great to learn about the Legoland Park in Florida.

    I come from Denmark, and I have an annual pass for the original Legoland i Billund, and i've just been to the park today. It's a beautiful park, epecially the Miniland is amazing. A lot of the attractions to be found in the new park in Florida you can also find here In Denmark. One of my favorite attractions is the "Dragon Coaster" found in the castle.

    Thanks for making a wonderful website. I'm a big Disneyland/ Disney World and Universal Studios fan. Visited Florida last year, and went to all the Disney theme parks and Universal Studios. I missed out on Islands of Adventure, because I was running out of holiday time. I've been to Disneyland Paris several times. Nice to have a Disney Theme Park here in Europe.

    Keep up the good work on this magnificent website:-)

  2. Thank you very much CC!!
    i'm happy to hear that you enjoy reading our site! About Legoland, yes, there will be many similar rides here, but also some special rides designed for our Florida park! It will be great (but also the one in Billund, I've heard it's one of the biggest after Florida's!).

  3. Yes It looks like there's gonna be some completly new attractions in Florida. I'm looking foreward to see what the final result will be. Billund is far as I know the biggest of the Legoland Parks right now, but will be surpassed when the Florida park opens. And there's one advantage in Florida, and that's the weather:-) It's often cold and rainy here in Denmark, and a lot of the attractions is outdoor attractions, but it's nice to have a theme park close to you:-)There's only one issue about Billund. A lot of the attractions needs refurbishment badly. I hope they will recieve some care in the near future.

  4. Thanks for replying, CC!!! I would have loved to visit Legoland Billund! One time we were going to see it, but then we had to go to London, so we saw Legoland Windsor (which is fine, but way smaller). One day....


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