Do you want a new Universal update?

Well, you'll have to look at it anyways!!! Just kidding.

 We'll begin with UNIVERSAL STUDIOS. 
Here you are the pictures:

The new banner is on place:


Hollywood Blvd:

This is a BIG umbrella:

This restaurant has been closed for years!:

New banners appeared on E.T.'s building:

Of course, this doesn't make the building "themed"... :

A couple of logos:

Going back to E.T., the queue still features those old tv's, while in the pre-show thwy put new LCD tv's:

Works in Fievel's playland, on the water slide:

This joke doesn't work anymore... It's a simple phone...

The alien disappeared from Roboasis:


Strange people on Jaws' extended queue:

More miscellaneous pictures:

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Bigfoots said...

Fantastic as ever!!!
The picture of the Earth Globe is fantastic!!!

_Roxy_ said...

Thanks for the update! I'll be going back in a couple of weeks so this has got me all excited to go!

Anonymous said...

Those strange people on the jaws queue are supposedly the ones who build the halloween horror nights houses

Samuele said...

I don't think so (at least I HOPE NOT!), indeed, if you look at the guy's t-shirt it says, and they did some ride props for attractions...

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