We introduce a fun new game today!
It's called:
you'll have to guess where the picture was taken!
Here's this week's picture!
The picture is in low quality to make it even more difficult!
Please, you have to be specific!!
Now, try to guess by writing in the comments!

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heathdiva said...

The Roger Rabbit Window is located next to the Eddie Valiant, Private Investigator second story window to the left of the Hollywood & Vine Marquee.

Samuele said...

How did you know that??
Almost nobody notices it!!
Well, very good!
I'll have to post a new one, to let also other guess..

That was an easy one...

Since they changed out the 'factory' area in the back of the park, this is the only roger rabbit reference left at dhs.m

Heathdiva said...

I am nerd, that is how I knew where Roger was hiding. :) I hope you are having a great week.

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