Parking Lot Restrictions in Place at Select Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

Guests visiting the Walt Disney World Resort should keep in mind that day parking at the resorts near Magic Kingdom and Epcot may not be available through early January. At this time, the following resorts are on a hard parking close:
  1. Disney's Polynesian Resort
  2. Disney's Contemporary Resort
  3. Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa
  4. Disney's Beach Club Resort
  5. Disney's Yacht Club Resort
  6. Disney's Boardwalk Resort (very limited parking may be available)
Guest must be staying at the resort or have a confirmed dining reservation to park there. They can pay for Valet parking as an option if space is available, otherwise they will be directed to park elsewhere.

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  1. So, basically they are saying we can't shop or have a drink at any of these resorts. Missing the local business this way.

    1. You can, you just need to park at a theme park and go over. If you're an AP, you get free parking so that shouldn't be much of a problem.

    2. It's not always that easy. I'm a big sports fan, and one night I spontaneously left Epcot early, while near the back gate, to view a sporting event at ESPN Club. I am a semi-local and a longtime APer, so I was parked free at Epcot.

      In that moment of spontaneity, it slipped my mind that when my sporting event ended, Epcot would be closed, and it would be impossible to walk back through the park to get to my car.

      After my event ended (right before ESPN Club closed) I was told to ask the concierge at the Boardwalk about transportation options. I was told there that I'd either have to wait several hours for a bus, if they were even still running at all, or take a cab.

      "Shall I call a cab for you, sir"?

      "That depends entirely on whose dime is paying for the cab", I replied.

      "You would be, sir".

      "Forget it, I'll just walk along the roadways back to my car", I told him. I had already spent a lot of money that night at ESPN Club, and I wasn't going to spend more just because WDW can be pedestrian-unfriendly.

      "I wouldn't advise that, sir. You'll have to go around the long way (all the way south to the road that runs north of Hollywood Studios, than walk north along World Drive). It's a least a two mile walk"

      "Will security try to stop me?", I asked. A two mile walk is nothing for me. After he answered "Probably not", I began my walk.

      About 30 minutes later I was at my car - far quicker that waiting for a bus, and far cheaper than paying for a cab to take me a mere two miles.

      In hindsight, I should have moved my car from Epcot to Boardwalk when leaving the park, but I would have missed much more of my game that way.

      Sadly, it sounds like that won't be an option anymore.



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