Not too much has happened at Epcot since our last visit. While this summer was definitely remarkable thanks to the opening of the new Frozen Ever After ride and Soarin' Around the World, we are concerned that this park won't see any new additions in the next few years. That being said, the closure of the infamous Innoventions area gives us some hope. What is coming to these two pavilions? Your guess is as good as ours. Let's take a look around Future World now.

Welcome to Epcot:


We were trying to play around with our camera's settings:


The Art of Disney store was featuring paintings by David Doss:


Innoventions West is now completely closed to the public:


Innoventions East is partially open:


The only exhibit that is still open is Colortopia:


The former House of the Future is reserved to Annual Passholders:


Nothing seems to have changed behind these walls:


The menu of the nearby Electric Umbrella seems to have changed again:


There you have it... Here's one of the most expensive quick-service meals on property!:


Most of the menu items now include two sides:


Time to explore Future World East:


The former Wonders of Life pavilion:


Mission: SPACE and its reconfigured entrance:


Test Track:


We will now pay a visit to Future World West:


Sea Base Alpha:


It looks like the stroller parking area of The Land recently received new stanchions:




The Journey Into Imagination Figment banner is still missing:


Here's the new location of the Disney Visa Photo Spot:


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Anonymous said...

Imagine if Walt could see this sad, empty, outdated park.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping that Innovations becomes the Special Events Area and the Wonders of Life Pavilion, as well as the Universe of Energy Pavilion, becomes a massive new attraction. Follow that up with a new attraction in the Imagination Pavilion and a new country where the Outpost is, and you breathe new life into the park.

Anonymous said...

Walls everywhere, I call this place WallyWorld and would not visit any of the parks. Maybe in 2-3 years when this stuff is done.

This place will become another special events area....NOT a substitute for another. Its cheap and free overall. Disney's new mission is to get you to pay to come in and have little to do. Wonders of Life, odessy restaurant, JIYI upstairs and so on...I'm guessing the next step is for the HISTA theater to be a special event or training area along with some of Innovations if not all. Maybe a meet and great at best. Dont count out Universe of Energy as well.
Disney has done the key mistake that they avoided in the past that made them successful. They are OVERLY watching the ROI (Return on Investment). Yes its a business, but they are now so worried about every expense that they are loosing the concepts that made them what they are today. Disney said, dont worry about the cost. If you make it the best you can people will come. If you take that with the grain of salt that was meant in it...Its true

Anonymous said...

It ain't empty over in World Showcase. A recent cold front brought beautiful weather and 72,000 visitors in a single day to the Food & Wine festival. It does seem as though EPCOT is now the "middle aged people eating and drinking park", with veteran pass holders blowing off attractions for tipsy afternoons in La Cava de Tequila and Tutto Gusto. I personally still love Spaceship Earth and Living With The Land and would love to see the old Wonders Of Life pavilion repurposed for a major new attraction. But the special event festivals are so popular and profitable I don't think the company sees the need. Sad; this park deserves the opportunity to live up to its true potential. There's a great big beautiful tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

"Imagine if Walt could see this sad, empty, outdated park."

Lol. Walt was dead over 15 years before the park even opened.

Anonymous said...

I think you missed the point. Everyone realizes that Walt died before WDW opened. The point is that he would have never let a park like Epcot get so devoid of attractions and oudated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!👍

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