Temporary Bus Stop Relocation at Yacht and Beach Club

Starting from September 11, 2016 Guests planning to take Disney transportation from Disney's Beach Club Resort will be directed to Disney's Beach Club Villas parking lot, as the the existing bus stops will be closed for refurbishment.
Guests who may need assistance getting to the parking lot will be serviced by a courtesy shuttle in the morning and evening. The relocation is scheduled to end by Friday, October 7. Guests that have questions should contact the front desk.


  1. Please update your information on this blog as the bus station at the Yacht Cub is still up and running. It's the bus station for the Beach Club that has been temporarily relocated to the villas' parking log.

  2. That's correct, the post was incorrectly worded. The bus stop at the Yacht Club was closed for refurbishment a few months ago but has since reopened to Guests.


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