Magic Kingdom Update: Tomorrowland Rockwork (PART 2)

Welcome to the second part of our newest Magic Kingdom Park photo-report. Be sure to check out PART 1 of this update if you haven't already done so.
In the previous part, we walked around the entrance of the park, Main Street U.S.A., the central hub, Adventureland, and Frontierland. Let's now continue our virtual tour by checking out the remaining themed areas of this wonderful park, which include Liberty Square, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland. Enjoy!

First of all, here you are a few more photos of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad from another angle:


Liberty Square:


Work continues to take place also around the outdoor queue of the Haunted Mansion:


Over in Fantasyland, "it's a small world" is also closed for refurbishment:


Finally, the rockwork found near the entrance to Tomorrowland continues to be repainted:


It's time to leave now...


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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.



  1. Anyone know when 'it's a small world' will be back open? Visiting from the UK in October.

  2. It's any wonder why people pay so much to go to a park that constantly is under construction. Half the building have tarps on them and there construction times last forever. It takes them a month to paint a wall. I keeping my money in my pocket.

  3. Your over stating the problem, and understating the size of the park. They have to keep working on things, 1) to keep them fresh, and up to standard and 2) If they don't they will have to close the whole place to catch up.

    There are a couple of things under refurb at all times. Those things change over time, but it is always a few things. Have never been there when something ins't being worked on. Remember we complain that there wasn't anything to do it AK or DHS, and now that they are being heavily worked on, we complain about the work.

  4. I worked in the magic Kingdom for 10 years in the 1990's and it was never like this. It's a total joke, and it was not a park branded with the "Disney" label people would not accept it.

  5. We're currently in the down season; after summer, before fall. This is the time to refurbish.

  6. So, you worked for 10 years in the 90s. Since the 90s only had 10 years, you must've worked from 1990 to 1999 (or maybe 1991 to 2000?). I was there all the time in the 90s, and remember a massive renovation of Tomorrowland, a massive rebuilding of the Swiss Family Treehouse, the closing of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (replaced with nothing), the cheapness of Mickey's Starland, and the massive Splash Mountain/new WDW railroad station in Frontierland.

    I also remember when they slapped a bunch of pink inflatables and other garbage on the castle. So yea, things are actually better now.

  7. Thanks for a great update! 👍

  8. The pink castle was a joke!!! The construction was never on the scale it is now. They cannot even paint a building in a week, takes them 6 months. LOL And people fork over $100 to see tarps. LOL

  9. I was just there for the Labor Day holiday weekend, it was my third visit to WDW this year. Even with all the construction my family (including 2 mid-teens) had a fantastic day in Magic Kingdom and spent over 12 hours around the park. I just was saying to my wife that it's amazing that a park that is 45 years old can still be in such fantastic shape and continue to update to the latest technology and keep the park feeling current. If they didn't do the refurbishing projects people would post how the park look like crap. Your damned if you do, your damned if you don't.

  10. The Magic Kingdom was only 20 years old in the early 90s. It is now 45 years old. As an older park, it's obviously going to finally start needing some major refurbishments to things like the hub and some of the older attractions. What do you want them to do? Not refurbish anything ever?

  11. How about about paint a fence in a day not a decade. Walt Disney would have a heart attack if he saw how his company was run. I mean didn't they just work on the Haunted Mansion and Thunder Mountain? Now it's tarp city again. Please stop making excuses for them. If it wasn't for the Brand name "DISNEY" people would not shell out $100 a day to look at a construction site.

  12. I'm usually honest when it comes to Disney, but even I think it's a tad ridiculous when people complain about refurbishments. Having seen parks where nothing was working and paint was constantly peeling off, I appreciate Disney keeping things pretty. It's upkeep and maintenance that set Disney and Universal apart from the rest.

  13. You never been to Dollywood or Silver Dollar City.

  14. We're visiting from the UK and the refurbs don't bother us at all. Big Thunder is down which is the one of the major attractions, but it just means that we have to come back! It is what it is - attractions need to be refurbished - even if it's just a lick of paint or a full overhaul with additions and new effects. I haven't missed not walking around the Treehouse, Haunted Mansion is still operating, Small World opened half way through our stay. I like that Disney keeps on top on their refurbs.


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