Floridian Place Intersection Now Open at Walt Disney World

A major milestone has been reached in the transformation of the North Service Area at the Walt Disney World Resort: the opening of Floridian Place. Moving forward, this new road will be the way most Cast Members (and Guests entering the Walt Disney World Resort from the north entrance) will take to reach Reams Road from Center Drive. As work continues, a section of Center Drive between the Disney University and Magic Kingdom Cast parking lots will close.

As seen in the picture below, drivers cannot make a left turn from Center Drive onto Reams Road; nor can they turn left from Reams Road onto Center Drive to get to the Magic Kingdom Parking lots. Drivers wanting to travel westbound on Reams Road must use the traffic signal at Floridian Place.

Law enforcement will continue to be stationed in this area to assist with traffic flow while work proceeds.

MAP: © 2016 Walt Disney World Resort. All Rights Reserved.

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