There is so much is going on at Universal Orlando's two theme parks, and we are all aware of this. That said, some Guests visiting the resort might forget that CityWalk also recently received a partial makeover that included the introduction of multiple new venues, and there are even more to come in the near future.
This morning we will take a look at the Toothsome Chocolate Factory and other smaller projects taking place around this ever-changing entertainment district.

Let's begin by seeing how the new Toothsome Chocolate Factory looked like several WEEKS ago:

As you can see, the building still looked quite similar to the former NBA City Restaurant:

Work was starting to be done around the main entrance of the building:

This is how the building looks like NOW:

A large tower was recently assembled where the large statue of a basketball player used to stand:

The existing building is also being partially expanded:

The screens that used to be found on the left side of the building are gone:

Walking around the area:

The very intricate logo of this new addition can be found on the temporary construction walls:

Let's move on to other areas:

We recently noticed a second podium by the Hard Rock Cafe for Guests with OpenTable reservations:

Walking on the red carpet:

And we are...

Several weeks ago we also noticed that the lounge on the second floor was removed:

A VIP Experience can still be booked. Check-in is at the bottom floor, though:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.

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