New "Hello Kitty" Store Soft-Opens at Universal Studios

Last Monday, a new store opened to Guests visiting Universal Studios Florida.
While the opening of new merchandise locations is not usually the sole subject of one of the posts on our site, we believe that Universal's new "Hello Kitty" will be very popular among Guests, as this particular character has a huge following around the world. In addition to that, a new character meeting location featuring Hello Kitty herself will soon open nearby. Take a look around the store with us.

The exterior of the store has a completely new color scheme:

The store's marquee has not been installed yet:

Entering the colorful Hello Kitty shop:

The theme is carried on throughout the building:

This space will definitely appeal more to females than males:

The check-out area also includes sweets:

The last section of the Hello Kitty store is themed after some of Universal's movies:

Some of the posters found in this area were also installed on the walls that surrounded the building:

The rest of the building is once again selling Betty Boop-themed merchandise:

The exterior of the building housing the Betty Boop merchandise also received a new color scheme:

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