An updated Epcot guidemap started to be available at the Walt Disney World Resort on December 31, 2015. While the majority of the features have remained unchanged (maps are updated on a regular basis to add and remove offerings), there are a couple interesting additions that may be worth mentioning.
For example, Soarin' is still featured on the map with a note stating that the ride will reopen next summer, and Baymax has been added to the Character Spot.

- Front of Map -

- Back of Map -

Take a closer look at the attractions' descriptions, which include the aforementioned changes:

And that is all for now. We will post more updated park maps in the next few days. Stay tuned on OTPN.

MAP: © 2016 Walt Disney World Resort. All Rights Reserved.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like HP is no longer the Mission: Space sponsor...? They're not mentioned on the official Epcot website, either. When did they drop sponsorship?

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