While the cooler months of the year are finally here, Central Florida continues to be blessed with very warm temperatures. When visiting the area's many outdoor theme parks and attractions, this might constitute a problem, as it might get a little too hot to walk around for hours. What to do, then? A good option would be visiting an indoor location, but the heat would be felt once again when exiting the building. That is why many Guests choose to carry a portable fan with them.

The other problem is, though, that the majority of these fans are quite bulky and can become heavy after holding on to them for hours. Some Guests eventually give up and throw them in the stroller. On the other hand, the tiny fans that anyone could find at the local dollar store provide very little relief and usually break within a few days. That said, it looks like someone was finally able to design a fan that is very effective and durable while not being as bulky.

Full Disclosure 
The following is NOT an advertisement, but a real review of a product that we had the chance to use for the past few weeks. We have received no compensation from the Cool on the Go company for this post (the fact that they currently sponsor our site has not impacted our views). We received two free samples to test them in exchange for a honest review of their product.

As you might know, Orlando Theme Park News only covers the area's theme parks and attractions. The reason why we decided to review this product is because we believe that some of our Readers could see this as being something they would like to use during their next vacation here in Florida.

What it is
Cool on the Go is now offering a small fan that seems to work much better than a regular fan that Guests can find around the parks. While these are not mist fans (they do not offer this option at the moment), they produce cool air (even at a variable speed) thanks to internal blades that spin at a much faster speed than other fans, thanks to the fact that the blades cannot be touched by the user.

Size and Weight
Just like their website states, this device is really light, weighing about 12 to 14 oz; as a result, it is possible to carry it around the neck for an extended period of time. After a while, the fan might start to become somewhat heavy for some users, but thanks to its design, it can be attached to a belt (or to the pants themselves). This can also be attached to the side of a stroller to provide some fresh air to kids.

True, you might have some people looking at the device from time to time (the use of these fans is definitely not widespread at the moment), but it definitely help when the temperatures get too high. The device is also cool (pardon the pun) to use during the evening thanks to its internal LED lighting.

Battery Life
The battery of the device can last for a few hours or an entire day, depending on how the person adjusts the flow of air. As we stated earlier, there's a setting that allows the user to manually adjust the speed of the internal blades. The faster they spin, the more cool air you'll get (obviously), but the batteries will be drained at a faster pace. It still held up pretty well for us, lasting for more than four hours of continuous use (at a maximum speed). Battery life is also based on how long the device is charged.


As you can see from the above chart, one fan is only $29.99 (plus tax), and it can be recharged using any device that has an USB port (you can find those everywhere nowadays). The other fan is almost double the price, but it includes the option to recharge the device's batteries using a regular outlet.

Just a caveat: be sure to note that, despite its small size, the fan will not fit in regular pockets. This could be an issue when visiting the Universal Orlando Resort, as some attractions require all loose items to be stored in a locker. This is definitely one of the items that fit in this category.

All in all, we find this to be a clever idea, especially since many people visiting the area's theme park usually end up buying a fan anyway. Why not buying one in advance that is actually portable?

Be sure to visit Cool on the Go's official website for additional information on this and other products.

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