The slower season is the best time for the Walt Disney World Resort to work on refurbishing the buildings and themed facades that may be faded or have other issues due to being exposed to many different weather conditions.
This afternoon, we will take a look around the majority of the lands of the Magic Kingdom Park (with the exception of the hub, as that will be covered in an upcoming update) to see what work is currently being done. Enjoy the photos:

The Uptown Jewelers store (located along Main Street, U.S.A.) recently got its sign back:

Cinderella Castle:

Let's begin to explore the other lands of the park:

Work continues on the new Skipper Canteen:

Pirates of the Caribbean continues to pull large crowds:

A section of the Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe is being refurbished:

Notice the different color scheme:

The exterior of Country Bear Jamboree building is also being refurbished:

The Diamond Horseshoe is still temporarily closed: is the Liberty Tree Tavern:

Work continues in Fantasyland:

The tent-like structure above the entrance of Mickey's PhilarMagic is being repainted:

It really needed attention:

A not-so-busy Fantasyland Forest:

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train's waterfall was not working during our visit:

Let's conclude by taking a quick look around Tomorrowland:

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