The major expansion project that has greatly altered the look of the central hub of the Magic Kingdom Park is almost being completed. In fact, the majority of the temporary walls that used to block the new pathways (which built on parts of the hub that were formerly occupied by plants) have now been removed.
The only walls that are now left can be found in front of the two ramps leading to Cinderella Castle, which are being completely redone. Let's take a closer look: 

Before heading to the park's hub, we noticed that new metal plates were installed near Town Square:

Heading to the heart of the park:

New signs have been installed next to the new walkways:

By the way, the landscaping is absolutely gorgeous:

Multiple trees, shrubs, and flowers have also been planted next to the new castle towers:

A closer look at the aforementioned towers:

Getting closer to Cinderella Castle:

A look at the east ramp:

It looks like there will be a new wishing well near one of the ramps... maybe:

The stage:

The west ramp:

There is still no pattern on the floor:

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