Animal Kingdom Update: AVATAR Work Continues (Part 1)

The new AVATAR-themed land continues to take shape at a rather quick pace at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Guests entering the park may notice the steel structures that will soon become the iconic floating mountains seen in the movie.
In addition to that, minor work continues to be done around Discovery Island (mostly involving new food & beverage offerings and expanded shops), Asia, and even DinoLand. Come along with us, and take a look around the park:

Welcome to Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park:

Let's start with some photos of the floating mountains being built inside Pandora:

Notice how small the construction workers are when compared to the massive structure to the right:

Entering Discovery Island:

The expansion of Disney Outfitters continues:

The back of the building:

Work around the majestic Tree of Life seems to be almost done:

The Flame Tree BBQ restaurant recently received new signs:

There's also a new, themed menu board:

Sadly, nothing at all has been done in the seating area since our last visit:

The large sign found above the entrance of the new Pocahontas greeting location is still covered:

On the other side of Discovery Island, the expansion of the Island Mercantile shop continues:

One of the former entrances to the building has been blocked:

One of the smaller kiosks is still closed for refurbishment:

Pizzafari is also currently closed for refurbishment:

The building now has a completely new color scheme and graphics:


  1. Those mountain structures: quite an erector set!

  2. No wonder why it is taking so long there is one guy building it himself. Big structure for only one guy working on it.


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