On August 5, 2015, the NearMap website was updated to show a more current aerial view of some of the major cities in the United States, including Orlando.
Thanks to this update, we are able to get an up-close look at some of the areas that are currently under construction around Central Florida's theme parks. As you will see, the progress that has been done in some locations (like Islands of Adventure and Animal Kingdom) is nothing short of amazing. Take a look!:


The largest construction project in the park currently interests the central hub, which looks almost done:


At Epcot, work continues on the third Soarin' theater. As you'll see, they are getting ready to enclose it:

Work also continues to be done in the Norway pavilion in World Showcase, where the new Summerhus meet-and-greet is being built. The new Frozen Ever After ride will soon open next door:


Despite all the major announcements regarding Disney's Hollywood Studios' future, very little work is currently being done around the park. That said, a new flex theater is taking shape between Rock 'N Roller Coaster and the Hollywood Tower Hotel:


Plenty of walls are currently seen at Animal Kingdom, thanks to the many different projects taking place at once. The first one involves the entirety of Discovery Island, where shops and restaurants continue to be refurbished and/or greatly expanded to meet the growing Guest demand in the future:

Pandora - the World of AVATAR is already looking very intriguing. A large showbuilding can now clearly seen on the south-west corner of the park. It will include the new flight simulator and the boat ride:

Take a look at the amphitheater of the new Rivers of Light nighttime show. It looks quite expansive:


The new interstate exit continues to quickly take shape right next to the Team Disney Orlando building:

A general look at Disney Springs, including The Landing, the Town Center, the Marketplace, and more:

The two new pedestrian bridges are almost ready to open to Guests, but there's still some work left:


Ironically, there's nothing to currently look at from above in this park. We'll have to wait until next year:


The new Reign of Kong themed area is incredible. Take a look at the size of the ride's showbuilding!:

Here's a rough sketch of the possible layout of the outdoor portion of the new attraction:


Universal Orlando's new water park is taking shape in the plot of land located south of Cabana Bay:


The newest themed hotel of the Universal Orlando Resort is also coming together at an amazing speed:


SeaWorld Orlando is getting ready to welcome Mako, a new hypercoaster being built next to the Kraken:

A new quick-service location is also being built in the park, right next to Shamu's Happy Harbor:


While the aerial imagery of the Tampa area was not updated since June 2015, we can already see that work is well underway in the future site of Cobra's Curse, Busch Gardens Tampa's new family coaster:

- FUN SPOT AMERICA (Orlando) -

Fun Spot America will soon expand its Orlando location in the next few months. This is the area that we have to pay attention to (especially since some rumors say that a new dark-ride may be in the works):

Be sure to check out these aerial maps on NearMap (be aware that login credentials may be required).

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I see two huge tents between MIB and Simpsons. Must be for HHN. :D

Anonymous said...

Those tents are permanently there, and have been for quite a few years. They can each house a maze, the building to the far right of them is also used as a maze building, or at least has been in the past.

Nice photos! Any idea how the layout of the boat ride for Pandora will flow based on the photos? I was trying to see if I could figure it out like you did for the Kong ride.

Steve said...

Still amazes me how quickly Universal can build things while it takes Disney 3 times as long.

Jason said...

Universal builds during the day. Disney does not.

Anonymous said...

That's not true. Disney definitely builds during the day. Just depends on what they are building.

Jason said...

My comment was admittedly a generalization. They do not do noisy construction or in areas open/visible to guests during the day typically. This has always been true. If the area is blocked off, like Pandora, they will do quiet work during the day. But nothing that disturbs the guest

Anonymous said...

It is okay, Anonymous. You'll be able to be with the big blue people soon.

Anonymous said...

Entitlement mentality trolls. Yawn

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