Last Sunday was the last day of operation of the NBA City Restaurant, which has been one of CityWalk's biggest dining location for many years. While the store attached to the restaurant was supposed to remain open for a few more days, it too closed on Monday, leaving a lot of merchandise on the shelves.
This morning, we will take a look around the entire area, checking out the former NBA City Restaurant and the new NBC Sports Grill & Brew. Enjoy the tour:

First of all, new warning signs have been placed next to all the moving walkways and escalators:

Welcome to CityWalk Orlando:

The huge CityWalk stage has been temporarily removed. A much smaller stage replaced it:

The NBC Sports Grill & Brew continues to take shape:

The main entrance:

The outdoor patio:

A side view:

Work also continues to install the new LED screens on the exterior of the building:

The secondary entrance of the future restaurant:

A peek behind the walls:

A view of the location from across the lagoon:

The rest of CityWalk:

The NBA City Restaurant:

A sign now tells Guests that something new (and hopefully exciting) will soon fill this space:

The shop was still filed with merchandise when it closed:

The menus have been removed:

The small LED screens on top of the building have also been removed:

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