Due to the ever-increasing number of projects taking place inside the park, the OTPN Team has decided to start posting multiple photo-updates focusing on just one or two themed areas of Animal Kingdom to avoid posting too many photos at once, slowing down some devices. This evening, we will focus on Discovery Island, which is currently one of Animal Kingdom's busiest themed lands, thanks to the large amount of work taking place in this particular area.

The new AVATAR themed land continues to take shape:

A view of the area from the Oasis:

This will surely be an impressive environment:

Take a look at these great shots of some of the floating islands and one of the massive showbuildings:

Entering Discovery Island:

The expansion of Disney Outfitters continues:

The back of the store:

The nearby Island Mercantile also continues to receive some attention:

This is one of our favorite theme parks in the area:

Work continues to be done around the Tree of Life:

The new Starbucks is proving to be very popular, especially during the morning (unsurprisingly):

Thank you for visiting these areas with us.

And that is all for now. Be sure to check back here on OTPN for more photos taken around Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park (we will post a new Rivers of Light construction update very soon).

PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.

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