Have you ever wondered how much money is made every single second at a Disney theme park? While it is virtually impossible to know the exact amount that is made (it is unlikely that Disney would officially release a statement on this regard), an unofficial site is now able to estimate the per-second earnings of each Disney park in the world. According to BroadAndBlue.com, the biggest money-maker of the company is, unsurprisingly, the Magic Kingdom Park.

Here you are some screenshots (taken directly from the site) that show the per-second earnings of each park (please, note that the parks are featured in order, from the highest to the lowest earnings):



How do they do that? One of the authors/owners of the site explained the following to us:

"We took Disney's total attendance and divided it by each park's individual attendance. From that, we found the percentage that each park contributed and then multiplied that by the total revenue (15.1 billion). With that, we were able to estimate the amount of money each park brought in!"

Be sure to check out the site for additional information and for up-to-date Disney Parks earnings.

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