Universal Studios Update: Spring is Almost Over (PART 1)

The temperature continues going up at a very fats rate. This means that we will soon have to say goodbye to spring, as summer comes back once again.
As mentioned in our previous photo-report (which focused on the new Universal Studios Store themed windows), the resort will soon enter in its 25th year of operation. While no major attraction is scheduled to debut this year, there are a few minor projects taking place inside Universal Studios Florida.

Production Central:

This billboard looks very faded:

Other websites found permits that point to the possible demolition of this small building:

It's located next to the secondary entrance of the park, near Despicable Me's extended queue:

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit was having technical difficulties:

More Production Central attractions:


Terminator 2: 3D was also down for technical problems:

The display of the Pantages Theater is currently blank. It might be under refurbishment:

The tiles on the ground near the Cafe La Bamba is having some issues:

Construction continues in the Garden of Allah Villas area:

Notice the expanded building:

Behind the walls:

The front of the building:

The Furious 7 cars are still on display nearby:

The KidZone:

The Barney area looks very dated:

On the other hand, Curious George Goes to Town looks great:

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  1. The Fast and Furious cars are going to be there until the end of July