New Star Wars Merchandise for Disney Parks Unveiled

Earlier this morning, the Walt Disney World Resort announced that new Star Wars-themed merchandise would start to be available for purchase at Disney's Hollywood Studios starting today. Just a few minutes ago, Disney and Studio Mastered Sound (SMS) unveiled all the new items that are now available to Guests, which include new t-shirts, headphones, MagicBands, trading pins, and much more. Take a look (images from Disney Parks Blog and SMS):

What are your favorite items? Feel free to share you comments and opinions with us.

PHOTOS: ©2015 Walt Disney World Resort/SMS Audio, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I love the head phones, anyone know how much they are

  2. Headphones are $179.95 according to the website.

  3. How do they not have a set of headphones that look like Leia's hairbuns? They really missed the boat on that one!


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