New 200-Foot-Tall Coaster Coming to SeaWorld Orlando

Just a few minutes ago, SeaWorld Orlando sent a very exciting message to all members of the media. In it, the park officially announced that a new attraction will open at SeaWorld Orlando in 2016, which will not be for the faint of heart.
A new, 200-foot-tall roller coaster (rumored to be a hyper coaster) is making its way to Orlando. The attraction will become Orlando's tallest and fastest coaster (the record will be broken again when the Skyscraper opens at the SkyPlex).

Here's the complete message that we received:

"Something is stirring beneath the surface at SeaWorld Orlando, preparing to rise from the ocean depths and soar to thrilling new heights. Get ready for the frenzy of SeaWorld’s new 200-foot-tall coaster. In 2016, this thriller will take its place atop the food chain as Orlando’s tallest, fastest, and longest coaster. 

More details on the new addition will surface in late-May. SeaWorld is a one-of-a-kind theme park with a variety of attractions including awe-inspiring animal encounters, thrilling rides and spectacular shows. Follow #nothingfaster as the frenzy starts."


  1. I hope their new coaster will fit in with a better placement and theme, then the "lets stick it next to Atlantis" Antarctica area.

  2. The Station must be where the old games area was, they are demolishing it right now? ExCiTeD!

  3. Holy crap..Have heard nothing about this! EXCITED, YES!!

  4. I am so excited about this I cant wait to see what this coaster is going to look like and what its going to be themed to.


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